SN2019neq: a superluminous supernova with extreme spectral evolution
Réka Könyves-Tóth
Eötvös Loránd University/Konkoly Observatory, CSFK

In my talk, I am going to introduce my first authored paper submitted to ApJ, in which we present a detailed spectroscopic analysis of the recently discovered fast evolving Type I superluminous supernova (SLSN-I), SN 2019neq comparing it to the well-studied slow evolving SLSN-I, SN 2010kd. In this study, we examined the chemical evolution and ejecta composition of the SN 2019neq by identifying the elements and ionization states in its spectra. Our analysis confirmed that SN 2019neq is a fast evolving SLSN-I with extreme photospheric velocity evolution. In addition, we determined the number density of each ion at the epoch of the three observations. We also gave constraints on the lower limit of the ejecta mass, and found a hint for a possible correlation between the evolution timescale and the ejected mass of SLSNe-I.